Motoring: Bad day for the MINI

MINI Crashed

CRAP! On 17th June I was minding my own business driving to the cinema with a friend down a small residential road within the speedlimit, when someone raced out of a junction from the other side of the road, into my path, causing an unavoidable accident….. I had only had my car back from the bodyshop for just over a week!….. I couldn’t believe it…. My second accident in as many months! I’m a fairly young driver (22) but until now in 5 years of daily driving I hadn’t had a single crash. It was even more galling because it was not my fault on either occasion – it least if I had been to blame I wouldn’t have felt so helpless.

To make matters worse, on both occasions the ‘other driver,’ despite admitting full liability at the roadside, and extensive photographic evidence, tried to claim it was my fault. Fortunately my Insurance company (Tesco) were tenacious with both (with constant pushes from me) and they admitted full liability in the end.

It’s always a worry when your pride and joy goes in for work, especially paintwork! The damage from the previous accident (where someone merged lanes straight into the side of my car) was not repaired correctly at the insurance approved repairer the first, second, or third attempt. I was using Platinum accident repair in Bath and both their work and their manner were appalling. This time I have insisted the car be fixed at my local dealer, Dick Lovett in Bristol, but as they are not insurance approved and multiple  Engineer visits have been required, I am still without my car nearly 6 weeks in!!

Hopefully it will be back to me as good as new soon, but at the moment I am enjoying putting vast mileage on the insurance approved Vauxhall Insignia 2.0CDTI… Its a great, comfy motorway machine!

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