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Ok so this post has absolutely nothing to do with Photography or Motorsport, but this video from mjdelaneyfilms has being doing the rounds on the web for a few days now. Its had over 1.5million views on YouTube, and is bloomin’ hilarious! If you haven’t watched it you MUST. Newports answer to Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ massive hit ‘Empire State of Mind’ (only Uk #2 mind)………Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)! It’s even going to be released as a single…….

To make things even better, according to the makers of this hilarious clip are meeting with record execs from Universal Music in London Today (Tuesday) to try and get the song released as a single within the next fortnight! Talk about the power of YouTube!

Here’s the Interview with the pair from

“Actress Terema Wainwright, who sang the female vocals on the popular parody, said she could not believe the reaction the video has had since it was made available a week ago today.

She said: “It has been absolutely shocking, far more than anything we have expected.

“We have got a meeting with Universal Records about the possibility of signing a contract and that is incredible – I’m still pinching myself.”

The track was filmed at locations around the city last month and the whole production cost less than £100.

Miss Wainwright added: “It’s fantastic we are now going to get to release this as a single.”

Alex Warren, the actor who took on the role of Jay-Z for the internet phenomenon, said the single could be available in just a couple of weeks.

He said: “I know that the aim is to get it out as soon as possible.”

And he confirmed a portion of any profits made from the release would go to mental health charity Newport Mind.

The actor, whose father Terry is originally from Gwent, said he was excited to be returning to the city later this week.

They are scheduled to perform the track as part of the reopening of the Transporter Bridge this Friday.

Mr Warren, 24, said: “I’m really looking forward to that. We are hoping for a very positive response from people.

“I haven’t had time to look at most of the comments on the video but the overwhelming majority seem to be positive, particularly from people in Wales and Newport.”

He described the past week as “absolute mayhem” as they have toured the TV studios to talk about their extraordinary success.

And 25-year-old Miss Wainwright, who grew up in Pencarreg, Carmarthenshire, said hearing the track played on the radio and appearing on the BBC’s News at 10 had been among the highlights of the week.

She said her phone had not stopped ringing since the video went online.

“My phone has been very busy,” she said.

“It’s been lovely getting to chat to all of these different people. One of the funny ones was that Zoo magazine got in touch and asked me to do a photo-shoot.”

The video has been on the receiving end of a lot of celebrity attention in the last few days, with fans using social networking website Twitter to promote the movie.

Miss Wainwright said: “Stephen Fry is now a fan and so is Eddie Izzard – we certainly can’t complain.”

Mr Warren has been approached by a rapper to collaborate on another music track, and said the pair would meet for a drink tonight to discuss the plans. While he has always wanted to pursue a career in acting, he said he would not shut the door on breaking into the music business.

He said: “Being a musician has never been my life goal – it has just sort of happened with this. We were definitely not expecting this. We had hopes but even in our wildest dreams we would never have imagined it happening like this.””

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