London 2012 Olympics

Olympic Rings

Just a brief note on the Olympics…. So the promised updates to my site haven’t materialised and it’s still ridiculously out of date and completely unrepresentative of my body of work so sorry for that! I’ve just been too busy which is no bad thing at all. The long awaited London Olympics start this week and I’m incredibly happy to be there photographing the whole event for a small UK agency. I’m thinking of blogging to give everyone a small insight from a photographers perspective (IF I HAVE THE TIME), but I’ll be trying my best……

At 24 and at such an early stage of my photographic career I am extremely privileged to be covering what surely is the ultimate event of the Sports Photographers calendar. Being involved in my home Olympic Games makes it that bit more special too; It will probably not happen here again in my lifetime. I’m careful to say ‘privileged’ because so many people tell me I’m ‘lucky’ to be at the games but whilst theres a slither of truth in that, I’d argue we make our own luck and I’ve made considerable career sacrifices to put myself in the position to land this dream job. I of course intend to make the most of it… It will be just over two weeks of relentless work with very little sleep striving to ‘compete’ against the very best photographers in the world, some of whom work for giant, industry dominating photo agencies with unrivalled access to positions we mere mortals can only dream of, and with more trick remote photographic technology than sport has ever seen before. Its a daunting task but I’ve never being more excited for a challenge in my life. Bring it on…..

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