Olympics well Underway!


Well I’m here, and the Olympic Games have started in London – been a long time coming! I’m sat on the Victoria Line tube making my way back to Clapham Junction where I’ve the misfortune of staying….. Some good friends have put me up but I’m further out than ideal which means a journey of 45mins to 1hr30 to get to and from the site everyday. It’s tedious to say the least and also means the most sleep I can expect in a night is 5 hours…….

In fact in Friday evening we had the Opening Ceremony. It finished at 1:30 but then images had to be wired and that took us past 4am including being booted out of the stadium and bussing down to the Main Press Centre. Once done there was no way back to a bed so I didn’t sleep at all until 10pm yesterday (on the Saturday). Even then I had to be up at 6am this morning to get out of town to Eton Dorney. Basically the Olympics is bloody hard work, but the rewards of shooting the biggest sporting event in the world make it all worth while.

The Opening ceremony itself was, I’m sure you’ll agree, phenomenal. Gave me a massive sense of pride to hear journalists and photographers from around the world raving afterwards. Logistically it was ticketed for photographers, and unless you’re a huge agency (covering every position), where you sat was basically a lottery. I got a nice spot in the middle of a stand. Ideally wanted to be lower to get the iconic rings shot i’d scoped at the rehearsal, or higher thus further back (as the 16mm glass I had wasn’t quite wide enough) to get the whole stadium in one frame. (will add pics later). Really though as a photographer you’re never 100% happy and it was still a pleasure to be there shooting! More later… Getting motion sickness typing (now on a bus)…..

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