Motoring: “My 10 Car Dream Garage”

Motoring: "My 10 Car Dream Garage"

First of all apologies for my lack of updating on this site since my last post about Photographing the 2010 LEN European Aquatics Championships. I have been extremely busy with my Photography ever since, shooting Premiership Rugby, International Rugby, and Champions League Football (which I will blog about soon!). For now some unusual content for […]Continue reading «Motoring: “My 10 Car Dream Garage”»

Motoring: Bad day for the MINI

Motoring: Bad day for the MINI

CRAP! On 17th June I was minding my own business driving to the cinema with a friend down a small residential road within the speedlimit, when someone raced out of a junction from the other side of the road, into my path, causing an unavoidable accident….. I had only had my car back from the […]Continue reading «Motoring: Bad day for the MINI»